28 January 2016

New bits

The short and the sweet
Some earrings and another brooch to share

Simple orbiting rings and rounds

Swallows swooping

Pink lava baubles

And one of my favorite themes
The elephant

That was the short and here is the sweet.  I have rediscovered my love to bake. 
Mixed blessing that but 
my oh my I do love me pie.

I made blueberry so pretty

then so inspired I made apple topped with berries
pretty not so much but yummy nonetheless



Anvil Artifacts said...

Your email sign up worked perfectly and alerted me to your new gorgeous creations. Seems like you might have named them "sparrows swooning".... oh wait, that's what I did when I saw them. Wonderful earrings all and that incredible elephant is possibly my favorite critter creation to date. Impressive new work Tracy. As always.

darlene said...

Amazo! And my honey said, "looks yum" as he walked by.

Vintajia Adornments said...

Swallows swooping is great and they are bringing the blue sky with them too (are we hankering for spring?)
Clearly you love for heffalumps shines through on the brooch. You have made him/her look so happy. Made me happy too. All Lovely!

Lucie Tales said...

Drooling all the way through! Brilliant and awesome jewelry (particulalry the orbiting earrings) and yum this blueberry!!

annamei said...

Your elephant brooch is terrific!
I´m not real into sweets but your blueberry pie....
could change my mind:)