29 February 2016

Birds and a bear

The crocus were singing spring

Then winter blew through with a beautiful white cover that lasted one day and melted the next.

Now the daffodils are up and smiling. Yoyo weather

A few things to share since last post.

Most of these have flown from the shop already but the red beaded pair is still available.

Chased in silver

Sparrows cut from aluminum with stones

I still find myself quite happily wallowing in the pitch bowl and wondering why I had been avoiding it's use. Time consumption is surely one reason. It is a slow process. 
Selling on Etsy has had a tendency to make me hurried as if listing work is never enough fast enough. I find myself making lesser art than I'm capable of producing in order to sell sell sell. Not that I haven't loved what I've done for the most part. It's just not enough to satisfy myself. To be creatively happy I need to challenge my craft. Keep pushing. Evolving. Learning. 
Trust it will be appreciated ........      and also sell.

I chased a grizzly bear brooch in fine silver. 

- Cat Break -
Moki lives in the trees
A very clever girl

Most recently I've labored over a pair of owls nesting. A hanging piece of mixed metal on metal work. A departure from the pretty tins. Challenging in the best ways and I'm very happy about how it came together. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

Self explanatory me thinks but I was there. If anyone has a question please feel free to ask.



Anvil Artifacts said...

Tracy-This-Is-Perfection! From the tilt of the Owls heads to the background texture to the fantastic nest. IMHO your best work yet. Yeah, I know I said that last time...but you keep outdoing yourself! Love seeing your mad skills showcased in these spectacular chased pieces you've been creating. One after another; fabulous!

PipnMolly said...

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement Janet. XOX

JMCatmull said...

Love love love the nesting owls! And the bear. I hope you don't have any doubt of how appreciated you art is. I would give my left arm to learn how to make it! (I'm right-handed.) You're so talented; don't give up, never give up. If you ever find yourself in need of encouragement, just put it out there and people will respond.

PipnMolly said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice note. Much appreciated !

Lela said...

Tracy, the owls are so perfect! I do love them - and also love the bear. You are so very talented!

darlene said...

Oh my! They are all amazing, but the owls. The owls!

Vintajia Adornments said...

Tracey I am breathless. Love the little birds, the bear is beautiful and then you go and double trump it with the beautiful owls and yes I took a few seconds to see the nest & babies.
Adding this technique to my bucket list but I don't think there is enough time left to master this and many other creative techniques I crave to learn.


Lucie Tales said...

These birds and owls are amazing! the bear is wonderful too! My favorites are the head birds in chased silver, love love thoses! I tried once to chase silver in pitch all by myself and I would have loved to have you teach me! Moki is sweet in her tree.

LindaHunt said...

Tracy...I love your chased pieces....I hear you....I too feel rushed at times to produce work quickly for Etsy....at times I just want to paint some very large works but I have to keep the work coming. Your sculptural pieces are spectacular....

all the best!