28 June 2016

A New Webpage

Listed on Etsy

After considerable head scratching & choice words, I've managed to fumble my way through to producing a basic yet functional webpage. I've moved a few items from Etsy and added a few more. I will be listing items there separate from Etsy so please have a look now and again.  

I also have a stash of fossil walrus ivory procured from Kim (Numinosity beads) ages ago. It will be nice to have an outlet where I may sell some fossil carvings. New pieces to the webpage are this moth I've created using keum-boo on fine silver, sterling silver, pewter and brass. Here's the beginning idea -

and the finished piece done with repousse & I guess 'gouging' might actually best describe the creation of the drawn bits -

I also have listed another pair of bird with coral berry earrings & tribal dangles.

My neighbors have been busy making more neighbors.
This family comes by every year for assistance & a safe harbor for their new kits. Always glad to help them out. 

A chance meeting one morning between this box turtle who stopped briefly in it's trudge across the lawn & this rabbit.
Rabbit declined to race.

Thanks for stopping by the neglected blog.
Be well


darlene said...

Congrats! Looks wonderful. xoxo

Laura Lia said...

I love the first pair of earrings!! I've been a fan of your work for quite a while now, I'm not great with comments, just wanted to say that your work is magical. Your pieces are so unique, love them all.

:) Laura xo

Lucie Tales said...

I'm so in love with your work, awesome!!
Gorgeous new page!
Awh your new neighbors are so cute!

Anvil Artifacts said...

You did a beautiful job with your new webpage! And your excellent work is amazing as always. Your Kuem boo and gouged moth is captivating. It's a delight to get a glimpse of your critter neighbors and their babies. Thanks for sharing!