28 January 2016

New bits

The short and the sweet
Some earrings and another brooch to share

Simple orbiting rings and rounds

Swallows swooping

Pink lava baubles

And one of my favorite themes
The elephant

That was the short and here is the sweet.  I have rediscovered my love to bake. 
Mixed blessing that but 
my oh my I do love me pie.

I made blueberry so pretty

then so inspired I made apple topped with berries
pretty not so much but yummy nonetheless


24 January 2016

Drumroll please...

The pod peculiar goes to......
Thanks to all for playing along on this first round of give it away.

I'll send it along soon Darlene. I do have your address.

15 January 2016


Homeless pod

I found this lonely wandering eye pod hiding in the drawer. I had forgotten about this one. It's pewter with bronze mesh worked around a gorgeous glass eye from Janet AnvilsAttic

Considering it's not where my head is lately I thought someone out there might like it. An odd yet organically beautiful pendant for yourself or that quirky friend. If interested, leave a comment and I'll put your name in the bowl. I'll be happy to send it to an appreciative new home.

03 January 2016

Thank you

Thanks to all who have come by and all who left such nice welcome back comments and sent convos.
Much appreciated. Glad to know there are still a few people wandering the blog world. 

I've done another display of sorts. A nest for rings or such. Really enjoyed making this piece. Especially the drippy nest and the chasing/repousee of the bird which many find a tedious process but I find relaxing. It's peaceful moving the metal in little waves until it has shape and character.
Now to work on getting some new year new jewelry in the shop !